Paros Beaches

Golden Beach Is an organized beach, with many water sport schools, restaurants and rooms to let. The visitors who do not love windsurfing, should avoid coming to this beach when it is windy, however the beach is ideal for those who long for the wind in order to cleave the waves with their windsurfing board! Chrissi Akti (the Golden Coast) has been awarded the European Unio…The beach of Chrissi Akti (Golden Coast) is a huge sandy beach with blue waters and a view of the island of Drionissi, a small island to the south-east of Paros.

Molos Beach On the eastern side of Paros, there is the bay of Molos,The entire area of Molos is integrated into the NATURA 2000 network, due to its natural beauty.. It is a big sandy beach with crystal clean waters, ideal for families with kids, with salt cedars, fine sand and a view of Naxos. The beach and the village are located between the hills of Kefalos and Antikefalos and according to the archeologists, the ancient city of Yria was once situated in this area PAROS.

Paros is located in the heart of Cyclades, in the middle of the Aegean Sea..Paros has already been famous from the ancient times due to its white, hard and transparent marbles, which some of the most important statues of Ancient Greece were sculptured on.. This picturesque island is one of the most beautiful and the most blessed of Greece, being fertile enough compared to oth-ers of Cyclades, and with rich vineyards that produce their famous, sweet and top quality wine..Guests will definitely appreciate the beautiful villages, the incomparable beaches, the ideal weather, the uncountable churches and monasteries, the peaceful and amazing views, the traditional windmills and, of course, the historical sites… Paros is one of the places you will need to visit again and again. Because holidays, but also life in Paros is a real pleasure…From the uncountable beaches that Paros can offer to you, the most important are Chrisi Akti, Kolimbithres, Santa Maria, Monastiri, Parasporos, Piso Aliki, Martselo and Faraggas. One visit to the island will definitely stay unforgetable to young and elder guests, to families, couples and groups, as it combines everything someone may ask for..From Punta Port in the west coast of Paros, there is a frequent ferry running many times a day to Antiparos island, an unexplored magnificent island. Do not miss visiting it for its cave as well, with the oldest stalagmite and stalactite, the place to be see..The Valley of the Butterflies is also one of the places to see in Paros..Other popular sports in Paros are kitesurfing, surfing, and sailing.

Kolimbithres It is probably the most popular beach of Paros. It is a calm and beautiful beach at the western part of the bay ofNaoussa. What is really interesting here, are the granite rocks, which have various abstract forms.

Monastiri The beach of Monastiri, which is located opposite to Naoussa, is beautiful, with shallow blue waters. It is an organized beach, where you will also find a beautiful area with a canteen and a small theatre, where many concerts and other events of Paros take place. There is also a place where plastic art exhibitions are held. lptured by the sun, the air and the sea. Rock sculptures that are to be envied by the best of sculptors.

Faragas Beach Faragas is a very nice beach at the south of Paros,its 15km from Paroikia, completely protected by the winds as it is nestled in a small deep creek. Its golden fine sand and its clear transparent waters have turned Faragas into a very popular destination especially for those who prefer the conveniences of a cosmopolitan beach.

Parasporos Beach The beach of Parasporos is a long sandy beach situated at a short distance far from the center of Paoikia, its 5km at the South of the capital of the island. The beach is pretty popular, one of the favorite beaches of the younger visitors of the island. It is rather well organized, with several bars and taverns. The sea is clean and the wide sand is ideal for sunbathing, lying down on a sun bed, or for relaxing under the shade of an umbrella.

Martselo Beach This is arguably the area around Parikia’s finest beach, a long wide expanse of golden sand with crystal clear waters fed by underground springs. From the beach there is a great view across the bay to Parikia. The sea is noticeably cooler here so perfect for sweltering mid-summer afternoons. Martselo is fully developed, with beach bars, sunbeds and umbrellas.


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